Wednesday, 9 December 2009


By imagining the following days and weeks post-nuclear attack, I have constructed scenes and images to portray aspects of an individual’s daily routine. These images explore the monotony, loneliness and haplessness of being incarcerated within the recommended areas of shelter.

With similar intentions to that of the Bleasdale/O'Connell project and also inspired by identifying the graphic quality of my own images, I decided that the comic strip style would be an ideal way of communicating a narrative through my photographs. The narrative is mysterious, with little information given in the work’s presentation. Visual clues are present throughout the work in the form of powerful signifiers such as the Geiger counters and gas masks, though no explanation is given as to why the girl appears to be trapped inside a red room. This is intentional, inviting the viewer to speculate and form his or her own opinions regarding the story.

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